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Getting Started as a Moderator in a Blackboard Collaborate session.

Getting Started as a Moderator in a Collaborate session

Below there are tutorials and guides to help faculty moderate a Collaborate session.

Note: In Blackboard Collaborate the roll of “Instructor” is called “Moderator”

Important: Before you join your first Blackboard Collaborate Session you should check your system to make sure it is up-to-date. Plan to check your system at least 30 minutes before the live session. This can help prevent delays that use valuable class time. For Apple desktop users, we recommend that you install the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher. It will help prevent issues with Java.

For a quick overview of the basics, watch a recording called Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Online Orientation.

You’ll get the best Collaborate experience from a desktop or laptop computer, however there are options to join from mobile devices with some limitations (no moderation, no webcam or no whiteboard interactivity, and other features are unavailable).


Text Guides:

  • Getting Started for Moderators Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
  • Quick Reference for Moderators (HMTL)
  • Complete Moderator’s Guide (HTML)

Blackboard Collaborate Moderator Tools:

  • Introduction to the Participants Panel (PDF)
  • Using the Audio & Video Panel (PDF)
  • Using Chat (PDF)
  • Audio Setup Wizard (PDF)
  • Loading a PowerPoint File (PDF)
  • Using the Whiteboard (PDF)
  • Introduction to the Whiteboard (recording)
  • Using the Polling Feature Wizard (PDF)
  • Using Application Sharing (PDF)
  • Introduction to Application Sharing (recording)
  • Using Web Tour (PDF)
  • Introduction to Web Tour (recording)
  • Using Telephony (PDF)
  • Getting Started with Recordings (PDF)

This information was taken from Blackboard’s Collaborate On-Demand-Learning-Center