Adding Blackboard Collaborate Ultra in your Course Content Menu

  1. Enter your course and in the main menu on the left click the + button.
    click plus sign
  2. Click Tool Link.
    click tool link
  3. Name your content area.  We recommend naming it “Collaborate Ultra” (or something similar) so that students can easily find and access the tool.
    Name your tool link
  4. Click on the drop down menu, select Blackboard Collaborate Ultra from the options.
    click drop down menu select collaborate ultra
  5. Check the box to make the content Available to Users.
    check box to make available to users
  6. Click on the content area you created.
    Click on the content area you created
  7. You will get a black screen with a purple circle.  This lets you know Collaborate Ultra is loading.
    loading screen
  8. You will then be directed to the Session list.
    create session screen



You can now start scheduling sessions! Learn how to Schedule a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session.

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