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Before you can use your clicker in your classes you need to register your clicker to an account on Turning Technologies’ website.

Purchase your clicker from the University Bookstore. Inside the box is a small card that has your subscription code in red text.


Note: If you have a clicker that you received from someone else or purchased before the Fall of 2014 then you will need to buy a Turning Account scratch-off subscription card from the University Bookstore before you can create your account.

Create a Student Clicker Account

  1. Open your browser and go to Blackboard at
  2. Click on any one of your courses.
    Click on the name of one of your classes.
  3. Look to see if there is a Clicker Registration link on the course menu to the left.  If there is click on it.  If there isn’t, click on the Tools link on the left, then scroll down and click on Clicker Registration.
    Clicker Registration Link Image
  4. Enter your UARK email address (with the ‘’) and select Create Account.
    Enter your UARK email address and click Create Account.
  5. Your name and email address will be automatically populated. Check the box to accept the Terms of Use.
    Select the checkbox to agree to the terms and click Finish.
  6. Click Finish.
  7. Click Get Started.
    Click Getting Started
  8. In the Subscription Code field, enter the code printed on the Turning Account card included in your clicker box (or the scratch-off subscription card) and click Redeem.
    Enter your license code and click Redeem
  9. Click Continue.
    Click Continue.
  10. In the Clicker Device ID field, enter the 6-character code printed on the back of your clicker, and click Add.
    Enter your clicker device id and click Add.
    Device ID example
  11. Click Continue.
    Click Continue
  12. Click Finish.
    Click Continue