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Grade Center:

Grade Center at a Glance – Using Column Organization to View the Full Grade Center

Sometimes we need to double check that we assigned a due date for an assignment, gave the correct point values for a quiz, or even that all of our categories are correct for grade calculations. If we have many columns in the grade center this is sometimes difficult to view quickly. One way to see the full grade center and all of the columns, point values, categories, and due dates is to go into “Column Organization.”

Sorting the Grade Center

Sorting the Grade Center

By default, the Grade Center in Blackboard sorts alphabetically by last name. But did you know that you can also easily sort by any of the grade center columns? For instance, if you want to sort by “Exam 1” grades you can sort numerically by the “Exam 1” column! (This is especially useful when manually entering ‘0’s.)

Managing Assignment Attempts

At times it may be necessary to allow a student another chance at an assignment or to hide one of their previous attempts at an assignment. This is a simple task using the Grade Details Page.

External Grade

The External Grade marker in the grade center will push the contents of one column to the Home Screen’s Report card module when the students log into Blackboard Learn. There is no way to remove the External Grade, because there has to be at least one column in the grade book designated for an external grade.

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