Instructions for logging into Kaltura MediaSpace Go

  1.   Search for “Kaltura Mediaspace Go” in your app store.
    find the kaltura app in the app store
    NOTE: If you’re using an iPad be sure that you’re not filtering the results by iPad only otherwise Kaltura MediaSpace Go will not appear.
  2. Download or install the mobile app on your device.
    Note: This may look slightly different for IOS users.
    Download or Install the Kaltura Mediaspace go app
  3. Once the app is downloaded to your phone, launch the app by clicking on the Kaltura Mediaspace Go icon.
    Kaltura mediaspace go icon
  4. You will be asked to enter the URL of your site.
    Enter the URL of your site
  5. Enter your site’s address:
  6. At the top of the app, click the person icon. (Left-side on iOs, Right-side on Android).
    click the person icon at the top
  7. On the profile page, click the Login button to authenticate your account.
    click the person icon at the top
  8. Enter your email address, in the format:
    enter your uark email
  9. Enter your password and click sign in.
    enter your uark password

Once authenticated, you can click the upload icon to upload media from your Camera or Gallery.Upload Icons vary by Operating System:

IOS download icon


android download icon

Within your profile page, you can browse your My Media, edit metadata (title, tags, etc), delete media, or download videos for offline viewing within the mobile app.