We will be using Turning Technologies Response Devices, otherwise known as clickers, for this class.  If you have already purchased a clicker and registered it, then you do not need to purchase another clicker nor do you need to register it again.  If you purchase a new clicker at the University Bookstore, it will include a five-year license for $82.99.  If you purchase a used clicker or have a clicker that you purchased prior to Fall 2014, then you will need to purchase a Turning Account subscription card at the University Bookstore and apply that subscription to your account.  Subscription cards can be purchased for $50 for a 5-year subscription or $30 for a 1-year subscription from the University Bookstore as well.

 <REMOVE THIS SECTION IF YOU DO NOT ALLOW THE USE OF TURNINGPOINT MOBILE> Alternately, you may choose to use TurningPoint Mobile on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.  Please understand that this requires an internet connection via a wireless network or cellular service.  Using cellular may incur data charges from your mobile carrier.  Additionally, if the wireless is not working for some reason in the classroom, then you will be unable to receive clicker points for that day.  Remember that while the app is free to download, in order to use TurningPoint Mobile you must have a valid Turning Account subscription. </REMOVE THIS SECTION IF YOU DO NOT ALLOW THE USE OF TURNINGPOINT MOBILE>

In order to receive points in your class when using a clicker, you must complete all of the following steps by (Date):

  • Purchase your clicker or Turning Account Subscription card from the University Bookstore. They will have the correct model of clicker in stock.
  • Create a Turning Account, add your subscription, and register your clicker.
  • Set your clicker to the correct channel <REMOVE THIS IF YOU DO NOT ALLOW THE USE OF TURNINGPOINT MOBILE> or enter the session ID, if you’re using TurningPoint Mobile, </REMOVE THIS IF YOU DO NOT ALLOW THE USE OF TURNINGPOINT MOBILE> each time you’re in class
  • While polling is open, press the button corresponding to the correct answer.

Participation with clickers will account for (x% of your final grade). I will drop x of the lowest scores.

Even if you have already registered your clicker we recommend that you log into your Turning Account at https://student.turningtechnologies.com/ and ensure that you have 3 checkmarks: one next to Subscriptions, one next to Response Devices, and one next to Learning Management System.

Academic Integrity

Cheating is taken very seriously at the University of Arkansas.  For more information about Academic Integrity and the penalties you may face for cheating, please visit http://honesty.uark.edu. I consider bringing another student’s clicker or mobile device to class to be cheating and a violation of the Academic Integrity Code. I also consider submitting responses via the TurningPoint Mobile from any location other than the classroom to be cheating.  If you are caught with a clicker other than your own or have responses in a class that you did not attend, I will forward your case to the integrity office and you may forfeit all clicker points and may also face additional disciplinary action.

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