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Did you know that you can earn points toward a Faculty Commendation For Teaching Development just by attending the fantastic development opportunities put on by the TFSC?

Who is Eligible:
Faculty with more than two years of service at the U of A will be eligible. Commendations will be presented based upon participation in and reflection of activities to improve teaching and learning. The commendation will be framed and signed by U of A Provost, Jim Coleman and will be presented to all recipients at the annual Faculty Teaching Awards Reception. Faculty events and programs sponsored by the Wally Cordes Teaching and Faculty Support Center or events sponsored by the U of A Teaching Academy to improve teaching and learning and student success are emphasized.

Self-evaluation incorporates many components and opportunities for learning, feedback, reflection, and adjustment. By participating in multiple types of activities related to teaching and reviewing how those activities inform teaching and learning in a faculty member’s own practice, one can improve his or her teaching for the end goal of improving student learning and success. Thus, this commendation has been developed to recognize and celebrate the faculty who take the time and effort to be introspective and actively transform their teaching for improved student learning.

Criteria for evaluation:

  1. Faculty must teach at least two U of A classes each academic year (July 1st through June 30th).
  2. Faculty must participate in enough events to accumulate 100 points for the academic year. (See below for point allocation.)
  3. Faculty who wish to be considered are required to submit a Professional Development Reflection packet to the TFSC by June 30th to include the following:
    a. Teaching philosophy
    b. A list of all events/activities attended and points accumulated
    c. A written reflection on how events/activities have impacted your teaching philosophy or pedagogical approaches. What outcomes have you observed in student learning and success? What new or innovative changes have you made in the classroom?

Criteria for Possible Points: 

Attending TFSC sponsored teaching programs (Faculty Lunches, Wally Cordes Chair, special events)  10 pts. each
Attending ½-day workshops (Baum Workshop, Winter Teaching Symposium, etc.) 20 pts. each
Attending the U of A Summer Teaching Retreat 20 pts.
Presenting at TFSC sponsored teaching programs
(Faculty Lunches, U of A Summer Teaching Retreat, Baum Workshop, Winter Teaching Symposium, etc.)
20 pts. each
Submitting a TFSC Teaching Grant proposal 10 pts.
One peer classroom observation (observed or observer) 10 pts.
One Non-TFSC affiliated professional development activity
(e.g., teaching and learning conference, scholarship of teaching publication or presentation, teaching seminars, workshop or similar event)
20 pts.

 For more information about the programs, please visit the TFSC’s site.

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