What is Kaltura?

Kaltura can be used to record audio, screen capturing, webcam videos, and upload them or existing media from your device to My Media in Blackboard or on your MediaSpace at video.uark.edu. Kaltura has a cloud-based video management system that integrates with Blackboard. Once your media is uploaded, it can be used in multiple areas across University sites, including multiple Blackboard courses at once. This media can then be inserted into Blackboard assignments, quizzes, exams, and course content by either the instructor or the student. Kaltura provides tools to search and manage course media (audio and video), including the ability to create media galleries.

The advantage of using Kaltura is that your media is converted into multiple file formats which can be viewed in a browser without needing to install an additional browser plugins. Using Kaltura rather than YouTube or Vimeo provides secure and private video publishing because only students enrolled in a Blackboard course have access to videos uploaded to that course.