Kaltura is a video software that can be used to record audio, capture your screen, create webcam videos, and upload them or existing media from your device to My Media in Blackboard or on your MediaSpace at video.uark.edu. While sharing videos within Blackboard can be useful, sometimes we want to share videos with individuals outside of the University or outside of our course. Perhaps we want to create Open Educational Resources (OER) and share them. Using video.uark.edu allows you to do just this!

To share a video:

  1. Go to video.uark.edu.
    visit the video.uark.edu page
  2. If you are not logged in, go to the upper right and click Guest.
    click guest at the top
  3. Login with your UARK account.
    click login
  4. Click your name, then select My Media.
    click my media
  5. Click the check box on the left next to the video you want to share.
    click the box to choose your video
  6. Click on Actions in the menu on the right.
    click Actions
  7. Click Publish.
    click publish
  8. Select Unlisted.
    select unlisted
  9. Click Save.
    click save
  10. Go back to My Media.
    click my media
  11. Click on the Title of the Video.
    click the title of the video
  12. Click Share.
    click share
  13. Copy the link to email and share with individuals outside of the U of A.
    copy the link to share