Instructors can link directly to any of the built in Blackboard tools such as journals, wikis, blogs, and discussion boards in the course menu and make them available to students. The tools included are: blogs, discussion boards, Bb Collaborate, and more.

For more information on adding content to the course menu, see this Blackboard Help Article.

  1. At the top of the Course Menu (left column, top menu for students) click on the button with the plus sign (+)
    course menu edit button
  2. Select Tool Link
    Click on Tool Link
  3. In the resulting popup window Name the link. It is useful to include the name of the tool in the title. Then select the tool you wish to it, select it, make it available
  4. Don’t forget to check the box beside Available to Users if you want your students to see the link. Then click on Submit.
  5. To move the link on the menu, click and hold the double sided arrow next to the link.
  6. Then drag the tool link up or down in order to place the tool link where you want it.