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While the Mac and PC versions of TurningPoint are very similar, there are a few little quirks you need to know if you will be creating your presentation on Mac and then presenting it on a PC.

Creating Your Clicker Presentation in Mac

The biggest difference you’ll notice when creating an interactive PowerPoint for clickers on Mac is that instead of the contextual tab appearing alongside the other tabs, as it does in PowerPoint for Windows, the toolbar for creating questions floats over the top of PowerPoint.

Example of Mac Toolbar

Another difference you’ll notice is that when you add answer choices to a question the chart is not automatically updated when you click away from the answer block.  You must click on the refresh button, as shown below.

Mac Refresh Button

Presenting on the PC

The most important thing to remember when presenting a slide show on a PC that you’ve created with a Mac is that you must advance the slideshow an additional time to open the polling after you’ve reached a question slide. When created on a PC and presented on a PC the polling will automatically open once the question slide is reached.

After the Presentation

If you have created the slideshow on a Mac and then presented it on a PC you will then need to import the session data into the Mac software. Instructions for this can be found at the link below.

Import Session Files to the Manage Tab

In this case, the files will be in the Sessions folder of the TurningPoint PC folder on your receiver.