To create or upload a presentation to Echo360

  1. Log in to Echo360 with your UARK username and password.
  2. Click on the course you would like to add a presentation to from the list of courses.
  3. Click the + icon to add a presentation.
    course list in Echo360 with the green + add a presentation highlighted
  4. You can upload an existing file, such as a powerpoint, import one from your library, or create a new one. Note: if you import a powerpoint with animations or transitions, those will disappear.  They slides import as static images.
    THere are three options to add a presentation: upload a file, import from your library, create a new presentation
  5. If you choose to create a new presentation, you can choose to Add Slides or Add Activities. You can add slides individually or several at a time.
    There are four options to add slides: upload slides, import from library, create a media slide, and create a blank slide.If you add activities, you are creating the polling options.
    You can add five different polling/activity options: multiple choice, short answer, image quiz, ordered list, numerical

For more information on creating activities and polling options, vist the Echo360 support page.