How does First Day work?

Required course materials will be available the first day of class through Blackboard and the student will be charged for them the day after signing up for the course. First Day is designed to encourage students to utilize their course materials from the beginning of a course.

How does the student access their materials?

All materials are accessed through your course in Blackboard. Your instructor will provide specific directions or communication, if needed.

What if the student drops the course?

As long as the student drops the course by a specific date, they will be refunded the cost of the content.

What if the student doesn’t want to participate in First Day or have already purchased their course materials another way?

If a student decides that they don’t want to participate, they will need to OPT-OUT of the program and be sure that they’re obtaining the material on their own. To opt-out, they will need to click the link in the email that they receive from the bookstore about First Day by the date provided in the email. This will take them to an opt-out page where they will be asked to enter their name, email, and ID. Upon opting out, they will receive an email confirming their opt-out.