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If your instructor allows it, you may choose to use TurningPoint Mobile (previously known as ResponseWare) on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop instead of a physical clicker.

  Note: Using TurningPoint Mobile (previously ResponseWare) requires an Internet connection via wireless network or cellular service. Using your cellular connection may incur data charges from your mobile carrier. Additionally, if the wireless is not working for some reason in the classroom, then you will not be able to receive clicker points for that day unless you also have your physical clicker with you.

  Remember: While the app is free to download, you must have a valid Turning Account subscription (previously known as a license) in order to use TurningPoint Mobile.

Assuming that the instructor allows it, to use the app in class and receive points you must do all of the following:

  • If you did not purchase a clicker set that included the Turning Account subscription card, then you must purchase a Turning Account subscription card from the University Bookstore.
  • Create your Turning Account and add your subscription to this account.
  • Download the App to your smartphone or go to in a web browser, log in with your Turning Account, and click on Respond.
  • Log into the TurningPoint Mobile app or website.
  • Enter the session ID provided by your instructor at the beginning of each class meeting.
  • When polling is open submit your response.

Download the TurningPoint Mobile App

All other devices should access ResponseWare by going to in a web browser, logging in with your Turning Account, and clicking on Respond.

How to Use TurningPoint Mobile

With these steps you will be able to use TurningPoint Mobile instead of a physical clicker to answer questions in class.

  1. Open your app or go to in a web browser, log in with your Turning Account, and click Respond.
  2. Click Sign In.
    Click on Sign In
  3. Enter your University email address, and click Sign In.
    Enter your UARK Email Address
  4. You will be redirected to the UARK Central Login.  Enter your email address again and click Next.
    Enter UARK Email Address
  5. Enter your password and click Sign in.
    Enter your UARK password.
  6. Enter the session ID  provided by your instructor, and click Join Session.
    Enter Session ID and click Join Session
  7. Enter your username and select Submit. (This step is optional unless you are otherwise directed by your instructor.)
    Enter your user id and click Submit.
  8. Wait for a question to appear, and select the letter corresponding to the correct answer.  Once an answer has been chosen it will change color.
    Select your Answer by clicking on the answer choice. Example of a chosen answer.
  9. When polling ends, a chart of the class’s responses will be displayed on your screen.
    Example of an after question chart.
    Note: When polling is closed you can switch between the chart and the question by clicking on Question or Chart at the top of the screen.

Remain signed in to the app until the class is completed to ensure that you do not miss any questions.