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Did you know that the drop-off location for scantrons has changed to Gibson Annex? Not only that, but a self-service scantron machine has been added for those times when you just need to drop by and get it done yourself.

Dropping Off Scantrons

Faculty and graduate students can drop off prepared scantrons to Gibson Annex between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.  If you have any questions about this process, please contact

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that we can only scan the blue (4521) and green (6703)

Things to Remember:

  • The Form:
    • Bring a printed copy of the request form for each copy of the answer key.
      You can also type your responses and then print it.  Just remember that you can’t save the form or submit it by email so be sure to print it before you close the form.
    • Make note of any special grading in the Special Requirements section of the form.
      If there are questions worth different values or bonus questions, please note that in the comments section of the form.
  • The Key:
    We cannot make any changes to your scantron key for you.  If any changes are necessary, you will have to come back by Gibson Annex and make those changes.

    • Make sure to include an answer key with the name AAKEY penciled in and bubbled in under the name section.
      This name ensures that when sorted alphabetically this will always appear at the top.
    • Do not photocopy the answer key for multiple sections.
      Photocopies of scantrons do not scan so please create originals for each section.
    • Only use #2 pencil to fill in the bubbles. 
      Ink cannot be read by the scantron machine.
    • Do not make any marks on the scantron outside of the designated areas for responses.
      This can cause an error in the reading of the scantron that requires the test to be hand graded.
  • Packaging It All Up:
    • Place the scantrons along with the answer key in a manila envelope.
    • Tape the Scantron form to the manila envelope.
    • Write the Instructor’s name, course name, and section number on the envelope.
    • Do not use staples, paper clips, labels or rubber bands on the scantrons or the answer key.
      These things mutilate the form and make it unreadable.