Dave Frederick faculty pictureDavid Fredrick, associate professor of Classical studies in the Department of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures and Director of the Tesseract Center, gave a presentation at the Teaching and Faculty Support Center (TFSC) Winter Symposium titled “Playful Rome: Teaching the Past through Student-Centered Game Creation.”  In this presentation Dr. Frederick shared his experience creating educational games that teach content through a medium that students already engage with and use in everyday life.
Dr. Frederick has collaborated with departments across campus to bring game based learning to students.  He believes that this is a growing area for educational opportunities and we must utilize it to engage our students on a deeper level and address the growing technological strides we are making. He collaborates with faculty and students in the Tessaract lab “which is a game development and visualization studio housed at the University of Arkansas. … The core mission of Tesseract is the creation of immersive/game-based content for courses and research, with undergraduate and graduate student developers playing an integral part. Through the interdisciplinary, project-based process of game design, Razorbacks teach Razorbacks, both in making the content and in “playing” it as part of course modules or research projects.”

See what Dr. Frederick is doing with the Tesseract Lab

This content was developed from a presentation by Dave Frederick which was sponsored by the The Wally Cordes Teaching and Faculty Support Center (TFSC) at the University of Arkansas.

The presentation can be downloaded and viewed as a PDF: Coming soon