Stephanie Hubert, Shannon Mason, and Robert Saunders gave a presentation at the Teaching and Faculty Support Center (TFSC) Winter Symposium titled “There Is No “I” in Collaborate: Tips for Building Successful Collaborative Projects to Enhance Student Learning.” In this presentation, Professors Hubert, Mason, and Saunders discussed their interdisciplinary collaboration on the Enclothe Fashion Show which involved the departments of Electrical Engineering, Apparel Merchandising and Product Development, and Horticulture.

As with any collaborative project, there were apprehensions regarding effective communication, budget, and the risk involved in beginning a new project.  However, the success of the collaborative project and the benefits of interdisciplinary work impacted students, faculty, and the creative and innovation culture of the University of Arkansas.

TIPS for successful collaboration

  • Communicate Strategically
  • Look for established events that you could grow/change.
  • Creatively find opportunities to get students involved.
  • Think outside of your discipline and be open minded
  • Use experts on campus!
  • Over plan (if there is such a thing)
  • Stay student focused

stephanie Hubert faculty image

Stephanie Hubert is an instructor in Apparel Merchandising and Product Development in the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences.
Robert Saunders faculty image

Robert Saunders is Assistant Department Head for the Department of Electrical Engineering in the College of Engineering.
shannon mason faculty image

Shannon Mason is an instructor and project/program specialist in the Department of Horticulture.

This content was developed from a presentation by Stephanie Hubert, Shannon Mason, and Robert Saunders which was sponsored by the The Wally Cordes Teaching and Faculty Support Center (TFSC) at the University of Arkansas.

The presentation can be downloaded and viewed as a PDF: Collaboration- Enclothe Fashion Show Presentation Winter Teaching Symposium

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