Create a Self/Peer Assessment

  1. Enter a content section of the course.
  2. Select the Assessments menu.
  3. Select Self and Peer Assessment from the drop-down menu.
    Self and peer assessment menu item
  4. Enter a name for the assessment in the name field. A corresponding column will be created in the Grade Center with the same name.
  5. Enter instructions for the assessment in the Instructions text editor field. Use the text editor to reference any Content System files (optional).
  6. Set the Submission Start Date and the Submission End Date by using the date and time fields.
    Set the submission start and stop dates.
  7. Set the Start Date and End Date for the Self or Peer evaluation by using the date and time fields. The Start Date for the evaluation must occur after the Submission End Date.
    Evaluation Start and End Dates
  8. Allow Anonymous Evaluations by selecting the Yes radio button. Select No to disallow.
  9. Allow Self Evaluations by selecting the Yes radio button. Select No to disallow.
  10. Allow Submitters to review their own Evaluation results by selecting the Yes radio button. Select No to disallow.
  11. Choose the number of peers’ Assessments each student is expected to evaluate in the Number of Submissions to Evaluate field. Specify 0 if this is for a Self Evaluation.
    Number of Submissions to Evaluate
  12. Select a Due Date for the Self/Peer Assessments by selecting the box and entering the due date and time.
  13. Make the assessment available by selecting the Yes radio button. Make it unavailable by selecting No.
  14. You may make the content available for a specified period of time by selecting the time and date fields under Display After and Display Until.
  15. Select Submit.

Create Self / Peer Assessment Questions

  1. Once the assessment is created, you will be brought to the Assessment canvas.
  2. Select the Create Question button.
    Create Question button on the Assessment Canvas
  3. Enter the question in the text editor. The question may be complex and open ended or simple and close ended.
    Question Information using the text ediitor
  4. Provide a Model Response (optional). A Model Response allows Evaluators (self or peer) to compare submitted answers with an exemplary response.
    Example of a Model Response
  5. Select Submit.
  6. To add criteria to the question, select the drop-down chevron next to the question and select Criteria.
    Select Criteria from drop-down menu.
  7. Choose Create Criteria or Word Count Criteria. Criteria will only be available during the evaluation process, after the submission process has ended. One or more criteria can be added to each question.
    1. Create Criteria allows for the creation of custom criteria to be used during the evaluation process.
    2. Word Count Criteria allows for the specification of a recommended word count with allowed variations during the evaluation process.
      Word count criteria, point value, allowed variation
  8. Select Submit after entering all of your desired settings.
  9. Your question along with the specified criteria will be displayed. Select OK to return to the Assessment Canvas.
    The question and criteria are displayed after submitting.