About Echo360

Echo360 Classroom Capture and Echo 360 Personal Capture are two tools that can be used to create and share video recordings with your students. Video recordings are one of the many tools that can be used to engage students in active learning. They can also serve as backup methods for class lectures and presentations on days when inclement weather and other issues disrupt the class schedule.

 Note: Echo360 is moving to a new version and location for the Fall 2016 semester. We will now use the Echo360 ALP (Active Learning Platform), hosted in the Amazon Cloud. If you have been using Echo360 Personal Capture (PCAP) to record and publish, you will need to download a new installer. Existing recordings on your computer will still be accessible within the new software.

Classroom Lecture Capture

Echo360 Lecture Capture can be used in the classroom to record class sessions and share the recordings in Blackboard. In Technology Enhanced Classrooms, capture software or the hardware appliance can be used to create a recording.

Echo360 Classroom Lecture Capture

Personal Capture

Echo360 Active Learning Platform Personal Capture can be used by faculty and students to record audio, video, and/or computer presentations from any computer. Recordings are stored on your computer and can be uploaded to the Echo360 server for publication through a direct link or on Blackboard.

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