Lecture Capture: Echo360 Classroom Lecture Capture

Echo360 is lecture capture software that allows faculty to record class sessions and share the recordings in Blackboard. In Technology Enhanced Classrooms, capture software or the hardware appliance can be used to create a recording. Capture software records content from a computer display with audio, while hardware appliances can record any VGA input, video camera or external audio inputs. Capture software can be used to record a PowerPoint presentation, for example, while the hardware appliance can be set up to capture a class discussion. Recordings are exported and shared as podcasts (mp3), vodcasts (mp4) or web pages.

Recorded content is stored on the Echo360 server and can be published as Rich Media Flash files for viewing online or as MP3 audio files or M4V video files for download. Streamed content is available for viewing in Blackboard Learn until the end of the semester in which it was recorded. Downloaded content may be retained indefinitely.

Benefits of Using Classroom Capture

There are many benefits to using lecture capture:

  • A lecture can be created in preparation for faculty absence.
  • Lecture capture can extend class time when face-to-face access to the faculty member is limited.
  • Recorded lectures can help students identify with faculty in distance-learning courses.
  • Class modules can be created as supplements to in-class instruction.
  • Content created in Echo360 can be easily accessed by students using Blackboard.

Classroom Capture Best Practices

The following best practices can ensure effective and successful captures.

  • Be aware of the video and audio capture zone, and remain where you can be seen and heard on the captured video.
  • Repeat questions from students so the question is captured in the audio recording.
  • Keep the podium computer turned on throughout the capture to make sure the presentation is recorded properly.
  • Employ strategies to encourage student attendance and viewing of webcasts. Discuss strategies with a Global Campus instructional designer.

Cost and Availability

Echo360 and Echo Personal Capture are fully site-licensed by the University of Arkansas and are free to all UARK users. Depending on the distribution options chosen by the content creator, guests and members of the general public can also view content created with Echo360 for free. Contact your tech partner or Echo360 technician for information. Classroom Capture instructions for faculty are available at help.echo360.org.

Submit a Lecture Capture Request to get started with classroom capture.

Getting Help

For Echo360 support, contact your college’s Echo360 technician.

AFLS Help Desk, agritech@uark.edu, 479-575-3420

Mike Duncan, mduncan@uark.edu

Eric Sarquist, esarquis@uark.edu

Luke Gabbard, lucyen@uark.edu, 479-575-6373

Mike Duncan, mduncan@uark.edu

Bob Wheeler, rewheel@uark.edu, 479-200-2654

Jeff Waits, jwaits@walton.uark.edu

Contact your tech partner if your department doesn’t have an Echo360 support technician. For Blackboard Learn technical support, contact the Help Desk at 479-575-2905 or online.