The term “Blackboard Organization” is used to describe an empty Blackboard shell that can be used by University of Arkansas organizations (i.e., Greek chapters, clubs), colleges, departments, faculty, staff, and/or students for activities that are in support of the educational, research, or administrative mission of the University.

Like a Blackboard course, an Organization allows authorized participants who have UARK Blackboard accounts to access documents and collaborate with other Organization participants in a secure-access environment.

You can request a Blackboard Organization at the Blackboard Non-Credit Course Request Form.

Blackboard Organization Leaders are responsible for manually enrolling, unenrolling, and editing participants.

These options can be accessed by clicking on the Organization in Blackboard then clicking Users and Groups then choosing Users.  You will then have the option to Find Users to Enroll or you can click the drop down button next to a current user and change their enrollment.

If you do not see these options please contact the Blackboard HelpDesk at and we will help resolve the issue.