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Accessible Graphics

Textual alternatives to images should be provided for learners with visual and certain cognitive disabilities employing screen readers. This also enables images to be understood in the event that they are not displayed in the browser.

Accessible Links & Text

You should follow some general best practices when writing for online readers to make sure that text and hyperlinks are accessible for all readers regardless of ability.

Accessible Tables

Tables should be used to display data. Avoid using tables for page layout, though it might be tempting to do so. Layout tables do not allow users flexibility in viewing the content since it is “trapped” in the table cell and might not be read in the correct order by a screen reader.

YouTube Videos with External Captions

Video topics that include: Physics and Human Affairs, On Death and Dying, and Human Behavior and the Social Environment. These videos are already captioned and the links to the videos are provided.

Accessible Multimedia

To make multimedia accessible includes creating text transcripts and captioning videos. The process is different across different video platforms.

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