A great way to get anonymous student feedback is to create a survey through Blackboard. This allows you to ask students questions about teaching, course materials, assignments, and texts and get honest feedback (since it is anonymous). You can also give the students a grade for taking the survey (to ensure student responses). Some instructors use surveys to ask students if they like the text book, the topics in the course, or what topics they would like to see in the future as well as asking questions for research purposes.


To Create a Survey, there are two steps.  First you will create the survey, then you will deploy the survey in the course content area where students will take it.

To create the survey:

  1. In your course, click Course Tools in the “Course Management” Menu on the left.
    course tools
  2. Click Tests, Surveys, and Pools.
    click tests, surveys and pools
  3. Click Survey.
    click surveys
  4. Click Build Survey.
    NOTE: you can also import a survey that you already created from another course.  See our instructions on how to import a test or survey.
    click build survey
  5. Here you will fill out the survey information, such as the Name, Description and Information, and then click Submit.
    add survey info and click submit
  6. Here you will create your questions. Click Create Question.
    click create question
  7. Choose the question type you would like to use.
    choose question type
  8. You will then enter the question information and options, i.e. the question, answers, if you want the answers to appear in random order, how you want the questions labeled, etc. Note: options with the orange asterisk (*) are required options, all others are optional. Then Click Submit or Submit and Create Another If you have more questions to create.  Repeat this process until you are finished.
    enter question options and click submit

When you are finished creating your survey, you will need to deploy it in the class.  The previous process was just to make the survey, now we will create a link to it so that students can actually take it.


To deploy the survey:

  1. Go into the course and in your course menu on the left, click on the Content area where you would like to put the survey.  In this case it is in the “content” area.  You can create your own content areas and label them how you want, for instance, “Surveys.”
    click content
  2. Click Assessments.
    click assessments
  3. Click Survey.
    click survey
  4. Select the survey from the list.
    select the survey from the list
  5. Click Submit.
    click submit
  6. Here you will enter the options for the survey, such as grading options, how many submissions students are allowed, etc.  Enter your options and click submit.
    NOTE: be sure to make the link available to the students in the options.  By default it is not made available.
    enter survey options and click submit
  7. Your survey is now deployed in the course and students can take it. In the grade center you will see a green check next to the students who have taken the survey.
    survey deployed

How do you view the survey results?  See our post about viewing survey feedback.