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While you may use Echo360 to record your lectures, there are several other features that you can use to gather analytics, create more interactive classes, and engage your students more. Read further for information on Q&A sessions for your class, live interactive polling, and analytics on how students are engaging in with the Echo360 content.

Echo360 is more than just lecture recording.  There are several advanced features that you may be interested in exploring.

  • Q & A or discussion questions
    • You can hold both synchronous and asynchronous Q and A sessions. You can even hold these in a live class.
  • Live interactive polling
    • Students can log in to Echo360 and answer preset polling questions for free and do not have to download software to do so.
  • Analytics and video heat maps
    • The Echo360 course analytics show you how students are engaging with the content you post in Echo360. You can also view the heat map on videos to see which sections of the content are most viewed.
  • Live streaming your classes
    • Several rooms on campus offer the ability to live stream your class.