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This quick introduction will explain the five recording options in Kaltura CaptureSpace and some of their common uses.

CaptureSpace provides five recording options

Recording options

  • Presentations and Lectures is used when recording a presentation with multiple cameras, screen, and audio.
  • The Screen recording option is commonly used when a user has a PowerPoint presentation they need to post online.  Using the screen recording tool they can open their PowerPoint and record themselves talking while they go through their presentation. Users can open their PowerPoint then choose whether Kaltura should record the whole screen or a part. If you choose only part you will be asked to select the area of the screen you would like to record.  This is especially useful if you have notes on your computer that you would like to use while presenting.
  • If a user is giving a speech that requires they not only use a visual aid but that they also video record themselves presenting, the Screen and Webcam option will be most helpful.
  • Webcam recordings are great for brief ‘Getting to know you’ introduction posts or for lecture recordings.
  • Voice recordings are useful for blogging or for foreign language courses for pronunciation assignments.

 VERY IMPORTANT: Using Kaltura CaptureSpace requires a machine with a minimum of 4 GB of RAM.

You will have the options Draw, Pause or Resume the Recording, Finish, or Cancel any time during a recording that includes the screen.  These options can be seen by holding Alt + P or Alt + D or you can pull up the whole options bar be clicking on the Kaltura icon in your Dock.

Kaltura options

Once you are done recording, you can edit your recording by trimming the beginning or end, edit out (chop) a piece in the middle, or by adding title and credits. When the recording is ready, click Upload to upload your recording to MediaSpace or your LMS (Blackboard). You can find your recording under My Media.

More information about using each of these recording types can be found in the Kaltura Capturespace knowledge-base.


Now that you know what you can do with CaptureSpace, let’s install it.  Installing the Kaltura CaptureSpace Recorder