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Did you know that you can import existing exams, quizzes, and surveys into Blackboard? For example if you would like to import the academic integrity quiz questions provided by the Office of Academic Initiatives and Integrity (found on TIPS) you can!

To Import a quiz into Blackboard make sure the file is downloaded as a zip file.  Then you can:

  1. Enter the course where you want the test (or survey). 
  2. In the “Course Management” menu, click Course Tools.
    Go to course management in the menu and click course tools
  3. Click Tests, Surveys, and Pools.
    click tests surveys and pools
  4. Click Tests. (or if you are wanting to import a survey, click Surveys).
    click tests
  5. Click Import Test. (or Import Survey)
    click import test
  6. Click Browse my Computer.
    click browse my computer
  7. You will need to find the zip file that you downloaded.  It may be in your downloads folder. Click the Downloads folder, select the file, then click Open
    In the downloads folder click the file and click open
  8. Click Submit.
    click submit
  9. You will get a screen informing you of a successful import.  Click OK.
    test import success. Click ok


Next you will need to create the link to the test (or survey).  To do this:

  1. Click the content area where you want the test (or survey).
    click the content area where you want it to be located
  2. Click Assessments in the top menu.
    click assessments
  3. Click Test. (or Survey)
    click test
  4. Select the test (or Survey) from the list.
    select the test from the list
  5. Click submit.
    click submit
  6. Choose your Test Options and Click Submit.
    choose your test options and click submit

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