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When grading an assignment that involves videos submitted by students you can view the video for grading by following these steps.

  1. Click on Full Grade Center which is located in the Course Menu under the Course Management section of your course.
    Click full grade center
  2. Mouse over the cell at the intersection of the specific student’s row and the associated assignment column.  A small down arrow in a gray circle will appear.  Click on that arrow to bring up the contextual menu for that cell.
    mouse over the students grade
  3. Click on the student’s attempt.
    Click on the student's attempt.
  4. If the video was submitted via Kaltura, click Watch Media on the thumbnail icon for the submitted video.  This will launch the Kaltura video player to play the student’s video for you.
    Select Watch Media
    If the video was uploaded to Blackboard click Download and then open the video.
    Click Download