Using Video

VoiceOver PowerPoint Video

If you just want to record your voice and your PowerPoint, one of the easiest ways to record a lecture to post for your students to view in Blackboard is using voice-over PowerPoint. This feature is built right into PowerPoint and allows you to show your screen, record your voice, and if you have a webcam, it will record your webcam.  One great thing about this is that it records each slide independently before putting it all together into one video.  This allows you to re-record a single slide if you make a mistake instead of having to use video editing software or re-recording a whole video! This is best for asynchronous meetings.

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Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture is another great tool for recording lectures.  Unlike voice-over PowerPoint, Kaltura allows you to record your webcam as well.  This allows you to not only have a PowerPoint, but also allows students to see and hear you.  This gives more of an in-person feel to the lecture. We recommend breaking your recordings into several smaller videos, around 5-15 minutes each. This does two things, 1. it prevents you from having to re-record or use video editing software if you make a mistake and 2. breaks the content up into easily digestible smaller videos for students to view. This is best for asynchronous meetings.

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Kaltura Video Quizzes

Kaltura can be used for more than just recording lectures.   One feature of Kaltura is the ability to turn videos into interactive quizzes with questions embedded throughout the video. This enables you to create that reflective pause to see if students understand a concept, idea, or are engaging with the video before it continues.  You can assign points to these and they are linked to the grade center in Blackboard. This is best used for asynchronous meetings.

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Using YouTube

One often undervalued resource that instructors have for quick and quality content is YouTube!  We can find YouTube videos on a variety of topics. These videos can be useful primary sources, such as speeches, news stories, and lectures, or they can be succinct videos by reputable sources that explain difficult concepts. In other cases they can provide colorful, fun, or creative examples for our courses.  You can even create a video quiz out of existing YouTube videos to embed in your Blackboard course! These can be used in both synchronous and asynchronous settings.


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Contact the Library for Video Resources

The University Libraries has a variety of streaming video services available for faculty.  These include educational and instructional video as well as popular movie titles.  Contact your subject librarian for a consultation or more information on what is available to you. These are best used asychronously. Though you can have students watch a video at home at the same time and chat in real time using Microsoft Teams (discussed below).


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Assignment Ideas

Students also have access to Kaltura and can submit assignments via Blackboard!  Here are some assignment ideas that use video: